Market updates 7/25/19


We are still shipping storage crop Burbanks and supplies are getting increasingly tighter. Quality is average, as to be expected with the age that these spuds have on them, cuts and cracks are going to be present and sizing across the country is to the smaller side of the spec. Market is strong and most shippers have went “price day of ship.” Demand exceeds supply. We anticipate the market to continue to increase steadily as we work closer to August and new crop. Supplies for new crop Norkotah’s are reported to be a week or so behind schedule. Shippers are wanting to manage supplies to prevent any gaps. We continue to need lead time on any orders to prevent delays in delivery. 

Washington has decent supplies and is anticipated to have new crop russets next week. We will have a size and price report later in the week as they get an idea what the new crop will produce. 

Colorado supplies are extremely tight. Getting any mixer loads out is taking 2-5 days lead time to get product. 

Red and Gold potatoes are also in a transition period. Idaho has been done with their supplies for a couple weeks and supplies in other parts of the country are extremely tight and in high demand. There are some supplies in Washington and Texas, but not enough to supply all orders. Big lake, MN will have supplies of reds July 29th and golds 4-5 days later. Idaho grown reds and yellows are projected to start early September. 


Demand has steadied in the last week. Prices have leveled out. Demand for Yellows is good, as well as whites. The red onion market has softened some. New Mexico has done a great job for the summer season with quality and supplies. California has had spotty quality and inconsistent supplies so we have not pulled much from that region, especially where we can get a freight advantage out of New Mexico. They will continue to have supplies throughout August but we are waiting to see how Idaho/Eastern Oregon supplies will effect the market. The outlook is first or second week of August for the northwest to enter the market with good supplies. That should relieve this high market if Idaho/Eastern Oregon has the type of crop they anticipate.    


We continue to have good supplies of larger fruit, especially Red’s and Fuji’s. Smaller apples for school biz are in high demand as the school year gets closer to returning from summer break. Best deals there are on reds and some cripps pink. Golds are extremely tight on all sizes as most shippers have finished up for the season there. We will start to see some early varieties of new crop being packed next week and will trickle in as we move closer to fall. Hopefully new crop will bring more supplies of smaller apples to help that market. Pears and Cherries are available but will be finishing up soon. 


Refrigerated freight will continue to tighten up in onion regions as the temps across the country rise. Potato and apple reefers are available daily and there seems to be more trucks than loads in Idaho. We have carriers ready to roll in all area’s for potatoes, onions, and apples. Call us and we can get the product on the road for you.