Crop Update 1/8/20

Due to the weather issues that struck Idaho and surrounding growing area’s during the early freeze of this years growing season, accompanied with the holiday surge and limited run time during the last couple weeks, there is a extremely limited supply of larger potatoes in all growing regions. All orders with anything larger than an 80ct potato are being delayed by weeks. There simply isn’t any larger spuds being produced by the current lots that are being shipped. 

We will be able to get these orders out eventually as we get back into full run weeks and they switch lots that can produce larger spuds, but for the immediate future availability of the large potatoes are going to be scarce across the country. 

We apologies and are working very diligently to stay on top of inventories and will do the best we can to get orders out asap. This is going to be a tough season for large spuds but we will get them delivered as soon as the supplies are available.