Market Update

Market Update

8/8/19 POTATOES: Idaho is still shipping 90% storage crop Burbanks this week. Some southern Idaho shippers have started new crop Norkotah’s this week but supplies are limited as there are only 2-3 growers starting this week. A few more will start next week, and the eastern Idaho shippers don’t project to start until the 19th. Supplies will remain tight until everyone comes in with good supplies of new crop at the end of the month. The market has started out strong on new crop, about $2 more than the current burbank market, which has steadily climbed in the previous weeks due to limited supplies. Expect it to remain this way at least until the end of the month. 

Washington has new crop russet norkotahs and we have shipped a few loads out of there this week. Quality seems good and the sizes profile available is more evenly distributed. We can continue to use new crop WA as need be until Idaho has a better selection of Idaho grown norks. 

Colorado Russets still remain tight, but this week we have been able to get loads out in a reasonable amount of time. The market has been creeping up, especially on the larger size boxes. 

ONIONS: We are now shipping onions out of 4 major growing areas. New Mexico, California, Idaho/Eastern Oregon, and Washington. The onion market was really strong for most of the summer, but as we predicted, it has softened now that the Northwest has entered the market. Demand has still been good in most area’s which has kept the bottom from falling out of the market. More shippers in the Idaho/Eastern Oregon will start next week, but some New Mexico shippers will start to clean up and finish for the year. We will have to keep a close eye on this market going forward as the price will all depend on how many supplies are left in the country, and we transition almost fully to Idaho/Eastern Oregon in the coming weeks. 

We shipped the first 2019 loads out of the Idaho/Eastern Oregon region this week. Quality looks good as well as supplies. Peaking mostly on Jumbo and colossal which is typical but Supers will be available as well. Reds are in good supply, and whites are a little tight but available. We anticipate that the market will continue to flux as more shippers get fired up. Call us for new crop onions!

APPLES: Supplies continue to get tighter on most varieties in Washington. CA crop is winding down a little early and looks like some items will gap through August. The best buys are on Reds and pink ladies. Gold delicious are very few and far between and the market continues to get stronger. New crop Jonagold will start as early as next week, but gold delicious are about a month away from new ones. August will be challenging to get all of the varieties/sizes we need, but once we get into September we should be rocking and rolling again with all varieties.  


 Freight: As the onion market moves into Idaho/E Oregon it will place a higher demand on Reefers in that region. The bulk of the onions and potatoes are coming out of Idaho/Oregon increasing the load to truck ratio very quickly. Rates have not increased much all summer but we like to keep a close eye on it during transition periods. We have trucks on standby in all area’s for potatoes, onions, and apples, so call us and we can get your produce on the road!